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2017 HillTop Pro-Am Champ

2017 HillTop Pro Am Champ.

What a weekend. The weather has to be mentioned. We couldn't have lucked out with the conditions anymore.

It goes without saying that this is always one of my favorite events of the year.

Shoutout to my HO Skis teammates for putting up the big numbers all weekend long. Absolute beasts.

It was great to be back in a Head-to-Head atmosphere again.

Someone reminded me the other day that 'it takes a village', and it really does. Thank you; to my team, my family, my sponsors, trainers, and people who I know are always in my corner to help me prepare for an event. I knew there were people there watching, supporting no matter what.

Also just super thankful for all the organizers and officials who put this event together. You know who you are, and I hope I caught up with you personally to thank you after the event.

I'll attach a few pics below, and the run down of the weekend from H.O. you can see Here.

I need to continue to get better and learn from the experience of this weekend.

/\/ /\

P.S: Sorry I'm late on here. It's been a huge week

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