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About Mr. Nicholas James

Stat Sheet.


Name: Nicholas James


Current Ride: H.O. 66.25 inch 2020 SYNDICATE PRO


Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia


Height: 188


Chest: 99


Waist: 81


Suit: 40


Shoe: 38


Collar: 47


Hair: Dark Blonde


Eyes: Hazel



Nick is a waterskier, student, well-respected slalom ski coach and a signed model for a renowned modelling agency based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Nick is often travelling for his skiing and hopes that his website can aim not only to help skiers (Past/present/future) to get in contact with him directly, but also to allow some insight into his travels and life experiences via his blog.



- Every single day I think about how I can be a better skier.

- I’m pretty good at putting stickers on.

- I get upset at inanimate objects.

- I don't use the 'Shotgun' rule..but still respect it in other people's cars.

- I'm the biggest Kanye West fan you know.

- I’m not a fan of people saying "FML".

- Ham is my least favourite meat.

- My friendships are worshipped. 

- Russell Brand is definitely one of my favourite celebrities.

- There's only about 10 people in the world that I’m comfortable sharing drinks with that aren't immediate family.

- I LOVE it when old people swear.

- When bringing in shopping from the car, I like to carry all the bags in one load. I don't like coming back out to the car.

- I never double dip.

- I always take note when the title is said during a movie.

- I do not agree with mixing cereals e.g. Rice Bubbles and Cocoa Pops. 

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