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17 Oct 2019

It's been a long time coming, but I'm so glad it's here!

This is the short version of some filming collaboration done with FILMR Media. Sam Butler, who directed the short (managing director of FILMR)  is also a childhood friend of mine. For someone coming in cold, with...

2 Aug 2019

I'm so happy and proud of the fact that we are finally getting to share with the world, all the hard work put in by the team to get this beast into production. 

I look forward to chatting and answering all your questions about our new ski.

This really is the latest in cu...

17 Oct 2017

Shout out to my trainer Garrison for putting me onto Big Gigantic, a group that I never would have given a chance otherwise.

After just listening through their essentials, this was my favorite jam of theirs. For those of you on my snapchat, you would have heard it on my...

10 Oct 2017

A great new jam from a solid band that has stood the test of time, past the one-hit-wonders, and from being just a novelty band used on The O.C. 

The music video is also sorta creepy (below). I can't believe this is their first jam of the week from me.

"I Ain't the...

3 Oct 2017

RIP Tom. xo

"American Girl"- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

26 Sep 2017

This song makes me want to see the Seattle boy live. Macklemore is back for his third major release, however this time without his producer-partner-in-crime, Ryan Lewis. Let's see how it goes commercially, but so far, so good to my ears. This particular song is sorta s...

19 Sep 2017

In my opinion, I really think Emma Louise should be a bigger artist than she is. This song has been sampled a lot, (so you may feel like you've heard it before) but nothing is like the original. One of my all-time faves for on the way to the lake, and going from waking...

12 Sep 2017

I only just recently heard this particular version of this song, and it totally took my respect for Bono as songwriter, to a new level. This is on the deluxe version their latest and although it is more of a live cut, it is hard to believe it would sound like this if y...

5 Sep 2017

Tomorrow is the first time in 12 years that I will actually be with my brother on his birthday. So this week's jam definitely celebrates that with a song he, without a doubt, put me onto and now I listen to it on the regular as it's on a driving playlist of mine. Liste...

29 Aug 2017

Going through some old Road Trip playlists of my own, and I stumbled along this classic jam from the RHCP. I hadn't played it in a long time, as my copy of the CD was scratched, and would work fine, except for this song! So it's nice to have it playing clear, and I hav...

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