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Hilltop Pro Am 2016

Wow, what a weekend. I have to say, even outside the actual skiing, it was one of my favorite tournaments ever.

So many old friends, made so many new friends, all out there to support. It was great. I absolutely loved the event and the crew there put on a fantastic event.

It was a Pro-Am. So we had all age groups out there ripping it up for 4 R-rounds.

I skied well enough to compete in the Head-To-Head challenge on the Sunday. I wasn't super happy with my performance in the finals, but I made the final 4, and ended up with a 3rd place.

I was consistent with my skiing (2@10.25m/41 off) in 3 out of 4 Record rounds, but not quite the scores I wanted. It's getting there though, and I'm feeling really happy with how I'm riding my ski right now and just need to keep pushing. I actually rode the ski and had a great feel this weekend, just a few little mistakes at 41 off cost me some buoys.

Well done to Willy Asher for throwing down in the Head-To-Head to get it done.

I cannot thank the organizers, judges and officials, sponsors and all the skiers and helpers enough, who made this event happen. Much Love.

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