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Ok this is a recent, repeat offense jam-artist, but only because I saw him live last night. Not only is Chance known for refusing to go through a major label, but being from Chicago is truly part of his persona. You see it at his shows and hear it in his music.

Chance put out a new free mixtape earlier this year. His mixtapes have been critically acclaimed in the past, and this one is no exception to the rule. He really bets on the celebration theme in this mixtape and it's pays off. However this jam has serious undertones.

The Chi is one of the highest-crime rate cities on the planet. And the murder rate always rises in the Summer due to gang related violence. The line;

"Summer school get to losing students

But the CPD getting new recruitment"

is really a jab at the fact that instead of the choosing other ways to get to the bigger issue, the Chicago Police Department always recruits higher in the Spring in anticipation of the crime rising in the Summer. As though it's just a fact of life in Chicago..

"Summer Friends" (Feat. Francis & the Lights & Jeremih - Chance The Rapper

(Pic Below from my seat during the song live)

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