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FL State Titles 9/7/16

It was a weird one. It was absolutely killing me, not being at the San Gervasio Pro Am in Italy this weekend, but if I had to be at a tournament anywhere else, it would be at Okeeheelee Park, in West Palm Beach, FL. Lots of history for me there and a place I always love skiing.

It was FL State Titles, of course, being from AUS, I couldn't place/win a medal, so it was just a regular Record Tournament for me.

It was a weird one because the first round, I hit something in the water and went down earlier than I have in a long, long time, (@12m/35 off) no re ride ensued and I'm still wondering what I hit in my pre-turn for me to be eject like that, but I moved on to the second round. I was able to put together another solid 2@41 off (10.25m) - so it's been a solid two tournament now for me over the past two weeks, but not quite the scores I want. It's coming, I just need to keep my head down and continue to work.

Super well run tournament as always at Okeeheelee, and I always love being there.

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