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Swiss Pro Slalom 2016

Awesomely run tournament. Bravo to Clint Stadlbaur and his crew for making this tournament happen. This was it's sophomore year running the event at Swiss Ski School in Clermont, FL. I'm sure it's just going to get bigger and better each year.

As it was in FL, anyone who was anyone was always going to be there. Orlando is Slalom HQ. So it was definitely a tough field. Not the scoresI wanted, especially knowing what I was up against. I was pissed. I've been skiing so strong. Need to keep pushing. My best score was early 41 off (10.25m).

it does definitely feel like Spring skiing though, and I think many others there felt the same. I've really hit the ground running this year with only having a few days back in the U.S. prior this tournament. It was very 'Go, go, GO!" with getting ready for this tournament, and the following two these next two weekends.

Another impressive part of this tournament was a really good webcast. It was really well run and set up by the Water Ski Broadcast Company. It sounded like some people weren't happy with the drone getting too close sometimes, but I think it was really great from a spectator point of view, especially the spectators were watching live from the other side of the planet! It didn't bother me at all during my sets. I just noticed it a little as I was about to get in the water at the start dock.

All the rounds and finals for the event are archived and you can find them on


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