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H.O. 2016 line Photoshoot

What a week. Busy few days shooting all over Orlando with all the new, sweet looking gear H.O. is firing up for 2016. It's amazing gear and I wish I could drop some more hints as to how it's going to look. For now just take my word for it - it looks, fresh.

Can't wait to see everyone starting to rock it at waterways all over the globe.

As soon as I can show you guys some stuff I will.

For now just know Willy, JT, Marcus, Geena and I all had fun testing and approving.

Shout out to all the drone drivers, photo & videotrographers, also - much love to our man The Bull from Canada too for running around and driving all the different boats for us.

One shot of here of MB playing with one of the toys from first day I was there.

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